It can't be this simple!


No candidate can truthfully promise to achieve any aims in the absence of a political legislative consensus.

For voters to elect that consensus it is essential that candidates are transparent and honest about the policies they will propose and support and that candidates are reasonably accountable to pursuing the mandate you awarded them.

Before the close of nominations, ask all your candidates to provide the following guarantee. If they refuse, make sure someone who will is standing.

I am standing for the position of (insert here) in (insert) election (year).

To eliminate dishonesty from the election process I encourage you to require recall backed guarantees from all candidates including myself.

My recall backed guarantees take one of two forms.

1. A commitment to propose and support or oppose legislation. Where specified will propose legislation in the order prioritised in the promise table in a timely manner.

2. A personal commitment I have complete control over.

I will stand down for a by-election before actively breaking these guarantees or when one becomes broken unless a random jury of my constituents agrees that there are fair mitigating circumstances, for example the bill contains wider reaching riders that constituents generally oppose. This will be handled independently by the local council. I may re-stand to gain democratic approval of the changed mandate.

I accept that, should I act contrary to this agreement without re-election, it is a breach of trust against those who were eligible to vote for me.

I may update this list and will provide this to the local council for them to share on their websites to provide a single source of reliable facts. I will not update the list less than one week before the election so that postal voter democratic rights are not compromised.

I reserve the right to state other aspirations in other media and am unable to take responsibility for promises presented on my behalf outside the recall guarantee list made by myself. The purpose of the guarantees is isolate false promises, pledges and guarantees, implied or otherwise, from the election process.

A blank list means that there is nothing I can guarantee I will support or willing to transparently commit to proposing as a matter of priority.



Don't let honest candidates compete equally against liars.